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Guy A. Francis, D.O.

Medical Director

Dr. Francis has extensive experience in the medical field. He has practiced Otorhinolaryngology for over 37 years and Functional Anti-Aging Medicine since 2005. He is board certified in both Otorhinolaryngology and Anti-Aging/Regenerative Medicine.

He received his D.O. degree at the Kansas City College of Osteopathy and Surgery in 1965 and served our country as an aviation medical officer in Vietnam. He practiced medicine in Iowa for 20 years before moving to Dallas in 2005 to pursue greater opportunities for a wellness-based medical practice in a large, dynamic metropolitan area. We are honored and happy that he has now joined the Texas Institute of Functional Medicines as Medical Director.


Gary Osborn, RPh, CCN

Gary Osborn had the idea over 16 years ago to develop one of the finest and most progressive medical clinics in the Southwest. Gary is a graduate of Ohio State University and is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and a Diplomate of American Anti-Aging Health Practitioners. Working with thousands of highly progressive medical providers internationally, he and his staff of compounding pharmacists at ApothéCure have helped develop some of the best and most progressive treatments for many chronic illnesses. Functional lab tests, custom compounded pharmaceuticals and nutrients take center stage at TIFM.

He deals with physicians all over the world and always has the latest in global protocols. Gary has been involved in functional therapies for over 44 years and is well-known for his excellence - not only in the compounding field, but also with thousands of physicians who rely on him for his expertise as well.


Beverly Brown-Osborn

Beverly Osborn, is the Patient Care Coordinator for the Texas Institute of Functional Medicines. She has been an instrumental part of TIFM for over 13 years. She has the unique ability to make every patient feel comfortable, beginning with the initial encounter. She is extremely knowledgeable and can thoroughly explain procedures and protocols in terms that all can understand. Her passion and dedication is obvious to all - and she always puts the patient first.



The Clinic

Our practice is very different from most other practices. We have considerable expertise in aesthetic cosmetic surgery and enjoy an international clientele. Our surgeon has over 26 years of extensive surgical experience. We like to encourage the least invasive, least disruptive approach to improving your appearance whenever possible. That includes using AWAKE anesthesia whenever feasible. We take a very personal approach to our patients and are very 'hands-on' before and after your treatment. We attend conferences and educational seminars all over the world to bring the very best and innovative elements in Cosmetic Surgery to Dallas,Texas.

In addition, we are well known internationally as leaders in the field of Anti-Aging Medicine; also known as Functional medicine, Integrative Medicine and Age-Management Medicine. We offer natural bio-identical hormone therapy for men and women, heavy metal detoxification from environmental exposures accumulated throughout life, nutritional counseling and lifestyle management to repair the damage imposed by our toxic and stressful environment. Perhaps most importantly, we realize that each and every patient is an individual. We listen carefully to each patient's story and customize our treatment strategy to their specific needs. We have been on the forefront of developing many of the protocols used today in Anti-Aging Medicine and our independent research and development programs are continuing to help blaze new paths in this exciting frontier.

Having considerable expertise in both cosmetic surgery and Anti-Aging Medicine under one roof is unusual and is of great value to our patients. Not only can we help make you look better, but feel better as well. We have something for everyone...call us today if you want to live younger and look younger.

- Gary Osborn, RPh, CCN


Diagnostic Equipment

We use the latest and most advanced diagnostic equipment available. Our Thermal Imaging unit offers the best in live-time technology. We even have electrodermal screening equipment that is the newest and most accurate in the country.

TIFM also enjoys a unique and beneficial relationship with RHD Memorial Hospital, located just a few blocks away, which allows access to equipment that we may not have on-premises at the clinic..

In addition, we have a strong relationship with Baylor Hospital in Downtown Dallas which allows us the use of their Breast MRI, the only one in the city, to ensure that all of our patients receive treatment from the most advanced technologies available.

For more information, a phone consultation or to setup an appointment, please contact our Patient Care Coordinator, Beverly Brown-Osborn by email or by calling 972-661-8436

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